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Childhood memories would govern our conscious lives? Certainly. But why can’t we also understand these memories in terms of ‘odor’? For it is odor that can evoke the past in such a direct manner that no other ‘medium’ can: not words, not sounds, not even images. An odor engrains our entire being; it instills in us something on both the physical and the mental plane. The flip-side of this inclusiveness is that it is less clear what an odor is saying. What does an odor mean, other than that its takes our mind back to ‘another time’ in a rather direct manner?


Technology as drive

In the forest my mobile phone had no coverage. In order to solve the problem I quickly tried to change its configurations. But my efforts did nothing. I was stuck, surrounded by trees, fenced off from the world in the darkness of non-communication. I had to find a clearing and see whether there was coverage there. While I walked through the forest in a hurry I got conscious of the fact that it was my high-technological ‘Handy’ that drove me, that put me into motion and that urged me.


Feelings of vengeance

Feelings of vengeance are extraordinary strong. Thereby they are also extraordinary dangerous. Yesterday I saw a documentary on someone who was fired from his company after having stolen a small amount of money ($ 69). The company was an airliner, where the man was working as a cleaner of planes. After his superior had fired him, the man got himself a pistol, bought a ticket on one of the flights of his former employee Pacific Southwest Airlines, and was able to get on board with the pistol.

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