Technology as drive

In the forest my mobile phone had no coverage. In order to solve the problem I quickly tried to change its configurations. But my efforts did nothing. I was stuck, surrounded by trees, fenced off from the world in the darkness of non-communication. I had to find a clearing and see whether there was coverage there. While I walked through the forest in a hurry I got conscious of the fact that it was my high-technological ‘Handy’ that drove me, that put me into motion and that urged me. I felt awkward, concerned, and my body energized to find as speedily as possible a spot where the light of the world would drop in. My self and my ‘Handy’ virtually ceased to be distinguishable; at least that part of my self that wants to communicate. For that was what drove me on: the desire to communicate – which goes beyond the exchange of information that is needed. This drive is the volition for being, the will to live. Technology most definitely is our drive, it hooks on our ‘innate, biologically determined urge to attain a goal or satisfy a need’ (Oxford dictionary).